GALAXY DUST Shifters Collection

GALAXY DUST Shifters Collection

Galaxy Dust... Show stoppers, summer sparklers! These are going to be some of your favorites this year. We've straight up panned the dust particles. And they SHIFT!!!
Collection includes 26mm pans of:
☄️ Asteria
☄️ Celesta
☄️ Cygnus
☄️ Magellanic
☄️ Messier
☄️ Skyla
☄️ Starfire
All name inspired by Galaxies of the Universe.
A tacky base provides an even more intense color shift as well as hold all the micro fine, we mean like SUPER fine sparks 👏

We suggest that you treat these as you would a glittery eyeshadow. Good tacky base (foundation, concealer, primer) or get an intense sparkle with your favorite glitter glue! We suggest a dense/stiff brush when applying.


Ingredients: Mica(s), Ferric Oxide, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, Zinc Stearate, Kaolin Clay, Allantoin, Carnauba Wax, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride.

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