About us

Welcome to the shop of Devinah Cosmetics...

My name is DeAndra, owner and CEO of this indie brand. Since high school, I have always been a huge fan of eyeshadows. I tend to personally gravitate more to the darker and brighter colors that others wouldn't dare to try! I found myself becoming more of an eyeshadow enthusiast by purchasing and collecting colors that just popped! My favorite brand back then? MAC Cosmetics, of course. Boy did I bust holes in my parents wallet as a teen and young adult, trying to collect every shadow from their counters!

Curiosity got the best of me when I hit pan on several of my MAC eyeshadows and man, did I dread having to cough up my own hard earned money to replace them. "I know I can make this stuff myself, but how?".... Well, here we are! With over 100 different colors to choose from to beautify our eyes!

Devinah -means beloved, devine, heavenly. This is also the name that I have always loved and saved for the day I would deliver a baby girl. Well, the baby girl never came because I was instead blessed with two boys. What better way to use the name I loved, for the name of my small independent business of hand crafting and supplying others with gorgeous, AFFORDABLE, high quality hand pressed shadows as well!

The Devinah Studio is located on our private property, located in Albany Oregon, and is not available for local pickups at this time.

Our workstation is is completely sanitized and each instrument is cleaned and sanitized before any color shadow is made. This helps to prevent cross-blending of different colors and also to ensure that each new batch is pure and clean. We also use LATEX FREE hand gloves as we work with our mica's, pigment's, and powders. 

Our goal and mission is to provide Quality, Purity, Performance Packed cosmetics that can be used by all levels of MUA's -from those who are undiscovered, to those who are advanced, in this field. 

Thank you for shopping with us, and supporting my brand!

♥ DeA