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The best shadows I’ve ever tried

What can I say about these other than WOW!!! As soon as I touched the shadows they was so creamy and super pigmented.. They swatched and blended amazing.. I can not get enough of these beautiful shadows and the color selection is amazing I already put in another order for some more shades.. I highly recommend this brand.. Their formula is just amazing

Jasmine G.- Secret Diaries Collection

The best pastel green!

I've loved every single thing I've tried from Devinah and this shadow is no exception- it's the best pastel green shadow I've ever used and I highly recommend it!

Lauren K. - Zenona Pressed Matte

Outstanding palette

This was my first purchase with Devinah and I have been so impressed. The quality of the mattes is simply outstanding, and the color story of this particular palette is unique. The shadows blend beautifully, with an incredible color payoff. Also, customer service was quick and easy.

Julie D., Secret Diaries Collection


Colors are beautiful. I a sick of seeing colorless brown palette. Your colors are longlasting, the formula is perfect. The price are affordable.

Ann G.- Secret Diaries Collection

Love These.

I recently ordered the Multichrome collection and fell in love with this company. It was easy to order, processed &shipped in a timely manner. As a mom of 2 toddlers I finally had the time to play with these. I used them alone, on top of other shadows for dimension and also alone with different color bases. I have normal to dry eyes and had no problem with staining, fading or blending. These shadows are stunningly beautiful. A great collection to add to your collection. I placed mine in my most loved shadow palette so you will need a palette to place them in. I will be brining these on my vacation. I had been wanting multi-chromes for awhile and the cost was just too high. These are priced very fairly esp. Considering these are hand pressed and from a small company that I'm sure aims to please it's customer. I'd love to try many more shadows from Devinah and can't wait to. Her products are incredible, unique and amazing!

Christina A. - Multichrome Madness Collection


This brush cleaner has far surpassed my expectations! I usually use a spray type soap on my brushes with a texture pad and it always TAKES FOREVER😩 to rinse all the soap out & sometimes it didn't even get all the pigment stain off my brushes. I used this cleaner with the recommended compact concierge scrub pad, and I'm so glad I got them both because they work amazing together. Right off the bat with only one swirl of soap in my bristles and then over to the compact, it took about 20 seconds of gentle swirling and the brush was completely clean-I was shocked😱! The smell is amazing as well! Then came the BEST part!! I ran the bristles under warm water for just a few secs and the soap rinsed right out immediately! No trying to soak & squeeze out soap residue, I was SO thankful for that. And to top everything off, after slightly dabbing my brushes dry with a towel they dried super fast overnight and were ready to use first thing the next morning and they were SUPER soft and clean smelling. This soap is going to legit last me like 10 times longer than my normal spray bottle cleaner which seems to be half gone by the time I'm done with ONE weekly cleaning. THIS IS SO WORTH THE $$!!! I bought this on a whim without really reading any reviews or researching it because I thought it was cute & I've never been so thankful for a spontaneous purchase! Do yourself & your brushes a favor & pick this up. I'd also recommend you get the scrubbie compact with it, they work amazing together. This has turned a task that I truly dreaded into something that I dont even mind anymore THANK YOU DEVINAH!!!

Heidi - Rainbow Brush Wash Soap

Yet another incredible producf from Devinah!

I couldn't not order this set of mattes from Devinah because 1. Her matte formula is one of my all time favorites and 2. These shades are so unique & I'm very drawn to them. I waited to write this review until I had tried all the shades. I am absolutely blown away by the quality of these shadows. These are shades that a lot of companies can't get quite right, but every single shade in this collection is incredibly smooth, pigmented, & blendable. They work beautifully together as well as with other shadows in my collection. I am super pleased with my purchase & feel like this definitely added something that was missing from my collection. I love the cooler tones inside!

Rebecca W.- Secret Diaries Collection
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