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Your order will ship out within 5-7 business days from the date of your order. During NEW product drops, sitewide restocks, Holiday Sale Events - your order will ship out within 7 - 14 business days from the date of your order.

If you haven’t received a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number yet that means your package has NOT been shipped. It's still being picked, packaged and boxed. There is no set day when your package will ship. Packages usually ship out between 5 - 7 business days, or 7 - 14 business days during NEW product drops/sitewide restocks/Holiday Sale Events.

Any products that are added with your pre-order will be shipped together at the time your pre-order is ready.

Here's a few tips to help resolve errors for active discount codes:
-Clear your cache and cookies in your browser.
-Type the code in lowercase letters.
-If that did not work, erase and type the code in capitals.
-Try to type the code in a different browser.

If none of these tips help, please reach out to Shopify directly for technical assistance.

The issue you are experiencing is beyond our scope of troubleshooting;

Shopify Contact

Discount codes with expiration dates are system generated and are courtesy savings codes. They cannot be extended or reissued. When the code expires, you miss that opportunity of savings, unfortunetly.

Missing discount codes at checkout cannot be adjusted or altered. Please take the extra 2-3 seconds to CONFIRM you have correctly entered and applied your discount code BEFORE finalizing your order.

*Orders placed WITHOUT a discount code is on the error of the customer and cannot be adjusted or difference refunded.

Due to the manufacturing of our handmade products, our workflow, the amount of orders we receive daily and being a small operation team - we DO NOT offer the opportunity to cancel orders once checkout is complete. Before proceeding with your order, please be sure that you are 100% content with your cart and VERIFY that all items -INCLUDING QUANTITY within your cart are correct for your desired items.

*Due to our fulfillment process, we do not combine orders.

*Orders placed WITHOUT a discount code is on the error of the customer and cannot be adjusted or difference refunded.

*Orders placed and processed prior to any sale event, will not be cancelled to take advantage of the future sale, nor will a refund for the difference be issued.

*Orders placed will not be cancelled if a discount code was NOT KEYED at checkout.

*Orders placed in error, will not be cancelled as there is more than enough time to verify a shopping cart BEFORE keying in all shipping/discount code/payment information.

We do not cancel orders that are in process, please be 100% certain you are aware of your items in your cart and you have a current valid discount code (if any) to key in, because again, we do not cancel orders in process.

Adjustments to orders will not be made, and we apologize in advance. Items cannot be swapped out for a different product, size or color. Items cannot be removed from your order and issued a refund.

Please VERIFY AND CONFIRM your cart before proceeding with your payment method for product accuracy.

Again, adjustments cannot be made. All sales are final, and again will not be cancelled once the order and payment have been processed.

We are very sad to say, but we surely have too! Devinah Cosmetics is not responsible for Lost/Stolen packages.

If your tracking confirmation shows "Delivered" please contact your local post office - sometimes called the "Annex" office immediately and ask for a supervisor.

Let them know your package was scanned and updated as delivered but YOU DO NOT HAVE IT and ask them to call your carrier to relocate the package!

By emailing Devinah, you are losing valuable time of your carrier tracking where he/she may have left your package.

We can take up to 14 days to check emails in certain circumstances, so please do not rely on Devinah Cosmetics, as all we can do is go to the USPS website to view the tracking history.

Again, we are NOT responsible for Lost or Stolen product during shipping. That risk is taken on by the buyer. If insurance was added on to your order at the time of purchase, it takes us only 2 minutes to complete the claim form and 5-7 business days approximately for the claim to be paid. Once the claim is paid, we then re-ship your order of replacements to you OR refund your order if the product is not in stock.

If no insurance was added to the order for us to file a claim, we are not responsible and do not take responsibility ever for packages that are lost or stolen during transit.

Protect your package and purchase your add on insurance HERE

During new product launches, or announced restocks of products, we have a very pristine fulfillment process in which we DO NOT check emails until all orders have been packaged and shipped. This could range of a time frame from 7-14 business days.

We also do not answer emails during the weekend or National Holidays.

Emails outside of these events are typically answered within 1-2 business days.

Absolutely! We do not test on animals -at all! Never have, never will! Animals have feelings and emotions, just as you and I!
​All testing is done in house, however, on our own flesh. This is to ensure that we are satisfied with pigmentation, adhesion, and slip of the product before releasing for sale! 

We are proud to be certified through PETA.ORG

We strive to be Vegan -however, we cater to both types of consumers who are "vegan-minded" and those who are not. The most common ingredient that pulls our product off of the vegan list is Carmine. 

*Some shades may contain carmine, which is not a vegan product. Please be sure to overlook the ingredient list of each shade before adding to your cart.

All of the raw ingredeints we use to create our products are sourced from manufacturers which work within the Ethically Sourced guidelines and are not made with Child Labor - EVER!

Our products are hand poured into each individual pan, therefore there will be slight inconsistencies from pan to pan. The following list contains an approximate estimation of product as follows:

26mm: 1.5g
36mm: 3.8g
44mm: 7g
57mm: 11g

We HIGHLY recommend selecting the INSURE MY PACKAGE add-on, which can be found at the footer of every page in our shop AND in the Order Add-On menu, so you can be covered for any damage during shipping.

We make sure all packages are well packed and double bubbled.
We add extra fragile stickers to each package so carriers can handle with care.
Devinah Cosmetics is NOT responsible for any incident that may take place during the delivery process. 

It is important to know if you do not add on INSURE MY PACKAGE you will assume full responsibility for your order. 

Steps to take if you are covered by INSURE:

Make sure to email us within 24 hours after package has been marked as delivered.

Email must contain your order number, the name of the product(s) and a photo(s) of damage item(s). Once we receive your email with the provided information we will begin the process for you.

Our description of eyeshadows are based on our own individual perception of colors and product. Therefore, you may see a slight difference in color/shade than what we see, as our opinions are subjective.

As we all know, the resolution of colors differ from monitor to monitor. Some people are fortunate to use flat screen televisions as a computer monitor, therefore the pictures could possibly reflect a different shade as compared to a mobile device or computer screen. Your products actual appearance may be slightly different once in your hand.

Returns, Refunds and exchanges

For sanitary reasons - we do not accept returns of any kind, issue an exchange or offer refunds. By completing and purchasing an order, you fully agree to these terms.

Product Info

All cosmetic powders are hand blended and pressed in our Studio located in the city of Salem, Oregon. We do not have lab which manufacturers our product, anywhere. We are independently owned and operated.

Product powders may have a slight color difference when received due to the color quality of different computer/device screens. Product shades may also vary on different skin tones and skin types.  

Each eyeshadow is hand pressed in several sized tin pans, which are ready to be popped into any magnetic back freestyle palette. Your purchased product is stored in our paper envelopes which are recyclable.  

We recommend using your favorite brand Eye Shadow Primer, to enhance the richness and depth of the shade. Product may crease on oily lids - if no primer or base is used. Each pan can be applied both dry or wet, with great color payoff! We do not have a fool proof "fly-away" formula, depending on certain pigments and mica's -you may experience the usual fallout just as expected from high end/high cost name brands.

Devinah Cosmetics is an artisan makeup brand -meaning that all of our pressed products are created entirely by hand. We do not use any machine operated systems in our studio, which creates the ability to create more jobs within our community as we grow over time!

The arm strength of a human does not compress/compact product the same PSI as a powder press machine. Therefore, please understand that our product MUST BE HANDLED WITH CARE. We perform our own QC Drop Tests after each batch to ensure durability through shipping from our shop to your vanity.

We have formulated our product to disc out of the pan rather than shattering, should a package arrive damaged. Should this happen, please contact us at so that we can provide instruction for a fix.

We are big on SANITATION, using latex free gloves during all handling of tools and products, and due to this practice: No returns for eyeshadow products.

International Customers And Shipments

Devinah Cosmetics does not handle the physical transport and delivery of packages and shipping carriers themselves are ultimately responsible when packages are delayed, damaged, or lost. USPS is our dominant shipper for all of our domestic packages. We use the standard delivery option of First Class Mail.

As our international shopper, what this means to you:

*Using First Class Mail International, deliveries generally take between 30-60 days to arrive, although the USPS does not guarantee delivery dates or times. Mail may travel to its destination by ground, air or a combination of both.

*Tracking is not offered for First Class packages. That's because once you expand to international markets and your orders are accepted outside U.S. borders, the packages might not always be eligible for tracking.

*Devinah Cosmetics does NOT issue refunds or replacements for LOST/UNDELIVERED/UNCLAIMED packages.

*First-Class Mail International is the most affordable mail class for international shipping which is why we offer this service.

If you are NOT comfortable with your package traveling from the U.S. to your country without having no tracking information, we highly suggest you use a Third Party Shipper.