SPECULAR Sparkle & Shimmer Glue Base

SPECULAR Sparkle & Shimmer Glue Base

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Recommended use:
Apply a thin layer of your glue base to the lid area, working with one eye at a time. Pat your shimmer or sparkle shadow on top of Specular for maximum hold.

Introducing our SPECULAR Sparkle & Shimmer Glue Base – the secret weapon for unleashing the true brilliance of your shimmer and sparkle eyeshadows! Prepare to elevate your eye makeup game to celestial heights with this magical eyeshadow glue base.

Crafted with precision and passion, our Specular Sparkle & Shimmer Glue Base is a testament to the artistry of makeup. This lightweight, tacky-base formula acts as the perfect canvas for your favorite shimmer and sparkle eyeshadows, ensuring they adhere flawlessly and stay put all day and night.

Picture this: a seamless fusion between the creamy smoothness of our glue base and the radiant glow of your chosen eyeshadows. The result? A mesmerizing dance of light and color that captivates and enchants with every blink. Your eyes will become celestial canvases, each blink a celestial celebration of your inner sparkle.

The Specular Sparkle & Shimmer Glue Base not only enhances the vibrancy of your eyeshadows but also intensifies their pigments, turning ordinary eye looks into extraordinary masterpieces. The glitter particles in your favorite eyeshadows will adhere effortlessly, creating a dazzling display that catches the light and transforms your gaze into a radiant spectacle.

Whether you're a makeup maven or just starting your journey into the world of eyeshadows, our Specular Sparkle & Shimmer Glue Base is your key to unlocking a universe of possibilities. Say goodbye to fallout and hello to a long-lasting, eye-catching brilliance that will have heads turning wherever you go.

Illuminate your eyes, express your creativity, and let your gaze sparkle like never before with the Specular Sparkle & Shimmer Glue Base. Because your eyes deserve to be the star of the show!

0.88 fl. oz./15ml

Ingredients: Water, Polyisobutene, Beeswax, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Triacontanyl PVP, Butylene, Glycol, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Shea Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Tocopheryl Acetate, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Copolymer, Silica, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxfethanol, Carmine

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