What was 🔥 in 2018

What was 🔥 in 2018

Happy New Years from us here in the studio! It's now Day 5 of 2019, and we've been back at work for the first 3 days of the year! Was your New Years Eve lit??? We celebrated in Las Vegas - first time ever - and experienced all sin city had to offer on the strip! It was a blast, we'd definitely do it again!

So we have done a "Year Review" and wanted to share what made the 🔥 list for 2018! 

If you do not own this pea soup color yet, well we hate to say that you are truly missing out on what everyone had come to love last year. Courtney Pressed Matte came in as our top selling eye shadow for 2018!

Courtney Pressed Matte as transition eye shadow. Photo taken by @loodevibeauty on Instragram

This beautiful eye look was created by the girls who run the Instagram account @loodevibeauty using Courtney as the transition eye shadow along with Jaded on the lid from our core line as well!

So many stunning eye looks using this shade have been posted by many of our shoppers to our Instragram hashtag #devinahcosmetics. Browse through the posts and see if there is a look that you would like to recreate!

From us here in the studio, we thank you for always showcasing your makeup swatches and makeup looks on your social media accounts. We also thank you for making this eye shadow the most popular from us for 2018!

Do you own Courtney? Pull this shadow out and showcase your eye look or makeup swatch - we never get restless of this shade 💛



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