Watch Your Inbox!

Watch Your Inbox!

Pre-Orders are heading out

February 13th Pre-Orders have started to ship

We've worked so hard over the last few weeks to get every pan poured and pressed for the February 13th pre-order we hosted ANDDDDD....


We managed to pour, press, package and label EVERYTHING ahead of schedule getting the orders picked up starting 3/22 - 5 days early!

Track It 🚚💨

Orders are shipped in chronological order. As a reminder, USPS is scheduled for daily pickups from our studio at around 3pm PST. Pre-covid19 scans would populate within 24 hours on the public USPS website. However, we have noticed that scans can take as long as 4-5 days to populate - with some customers actually receiving their package before any scan updates 🤷‍♀️

Delivery Issues

We will be unavailable to answer emails over the next several days due to our shipping process. Remember, if you experience ANY delivery issue with USPS - call your local office that sorts your incoming mail IMMEDIATELY and speak with the shift manager. Let them know the issue you are having and provide them with your tracking number. 

Here in our studio, the only way we would be able to help you is by looking up your tracking number on the same USPS website you look at. We wont have access to any other details. 

Emails will be checked once all packages have been picked up and shipped out. 

Thank you for your support and for being understanding!

xoxox - DeAndra 

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