TOP 9 Instagram Posts of July 2021

TOP 9 Instagram Posts of July 2021

So we heard you like seeing TOP POST of the month!

Do you follow us on Instagram? It is our "go to" social media where we are more active than our other socials like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram allows us to connect faster and engage effortlessly with our supporters. You can find us on Instagram >HERE<

We want to showcase the TOP 9 Posts

These are the posts from JULY that YOU liked (❀️) from us and showcase those creators and what they did that YOU enjoyed most!

We thought for sure, when we looked at the top posts that the most liked photos would have been heavy on the swatches? LOOK AT THIS!!!

July Top 9 Instagram Posts from @DevinahCosmetics

You all loved the Halo Moon eye looks!!!

Now... i need to know - do you like seeing a "top 9" monthly type of post like this? If so, we can definitely continue on! Its fun, right?

What other "top" type of posts would you like to see from us as a brand? Maybe we can try and whip another one together. Lets talk below!


If you are Instagram, you can click on the following names to be taken directly to the account profile page for more makeup inspiration:


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