@angelamarytanner on Instagram

Swatch It Up!

Stop! Breathe! Inhale! Exhale! . . . better now? Same here!

So if you haven't stopped by and followed @angelamarytanner on Instagram, you might want to now! This woman is, in our book, the Swatch Boss! You may have actually found Devinah Cosmetics from her account, and if so, we are so glad you are here - reading this blog - we can bet that you feel the same way about Angela and her swatches too!

@angelamarytanner on Instagram

Check out this color story - it is one of our favorites! Anodize, a palette full of melted metals, or shall we say foil eyeshadows. Angela put it down with these swatches, wouldn't you say?

Who is YOUR favorite Swatch Boss on Instagram or Facebook? Share their link with us in the comments!

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