Sugar Drops Collection Pre-Order Update

Sugar Drops Pre-Order Updates

Glitter Bomb Sugar Drop Madness

Wow - first, we have to say that we were so in shock that Sugar Drops Collection (and a few singles) sold out in 8 minutes from the drop during Black Friday. YOU ALL SHOW AMAZING SUPPORT for this small hand created artisan makeup brand and we love you for it ❤️

Where We're At

All Black Friday orders have been shipped and we have done nothing but work on Sugar Drops replenishment. We added a specific amount of pre-orders so that we can get down to the nitty gritty and get exact count made! 

Remember, we have 9 shades in this set to create. Mix, blend, pour, press, clean and sleeve. Committed like no other, we are closer to the end of this work flow!

When Will It Ship

Because we are in the midst of producing batches, we have a projected ship date! Now keep in mind, Pre-orders will ship out in the order it was placed. We have over 400+ pre-orders that we have taken in and gave a timeline of 4-6 business week estimation.

We are looking to start shipping the orders Monday December 30th. Orders will be shipped in the order received. You will see a shipping notification drop to your inbox -when you do, that means your label has been placed on your package and is ready for USPS pickup!


Please be patient. We know how exciting this is for you to have a date of shipping and we know you will be stalking your inbox like crazy (we would be too). If you have not received your shipping confirmation in your inbox, we ask you to give it a day or two. Because we will be nonstop packaging orders - any emails that you send to us will not be checked frequently as they actually pull us away from shipping efforts.

Again, we here at Devinah Cosmetics NEVER send a shipping confirmation email UNTIL the order is in a box packaged and ready for it. 


Thank you so much for loving our glitter bomb products we've released this year, Xploders, Galaxy Dust and now Sugar Drops. These are the most intense micro fine sparkly shades we've seen and are so glad you all support them so much! 

Happy Holidays to you and yours, from us here at Devinah



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