Slay Bells Ring shimmer and matte 6 pan eyeshadow bundle

Slay Bells Ring Bundle

β˜ƒ... are you listening? In the lane snow is glistening 🎢

We're back and we have put together the most classic Christmas color story, all from our core line.... do you notice anything different here???

Did you guess Elara???

If you did - YOU ARE GOOD!!f

She's new, and is included in this bundle!

If you have a few of these colors in your stash already, then just come grab the ones your missing to complete your very own "Slay Bells Ring" Christmas Color Story!

Dont forget to grab our NEW 2022 EXCLUSIVE HECATE palette too!

Look under "NEW ARRIVALS" for the Slay Bells Ring bundle...

P.S. - Moonlit with Utopian is ❀‍πŸ”₯ on the lid with Adorn in the crease & outer V... but you didnt hear that from me 😘

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  • Guadalupe Camacho

    Hello how much for they cute colorful makeup

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