New Year, New Decade, Happy 2020!

New Year, New Decade, Happy 2020!

A Year In review

2019 was bursting with sparkly shifting eyeshadows and toppers along with multichrome pigments here in our Devinah Studio. We had a total of 4 new collection sets that saturated our studio with a rainbow of colorful sparks and hard to keep stocked when batched out. 

Xploders - our Willy Wonka candy inspired themed set.
Galaxy Dust - our shifty sparks of jeweled toned colors.
Butterfly Kaleidoscope Multichromes - a set of 8 eyeshadows eached named after a butterfly specie. 
Sugar Drops - a collection of iridescent sugary color changing sparkles.

We want to share our Top 6 posts of 2019 from our Instagram page that were reposts from our shoppers. It was such a fun year to see all the support and love these 4 collections received!

Top 6 "Most Liked" Posts On Instagram


A palette full of Devinah. Is this goals or what? This photo was reposted by @misscanibella from Instagram.

The mixture of shimmers and mattes and the range of colors make our heart skip a beat. Thank you for making this the #1 most liked post of 2019!

Candy Coma... that's how we had discussed all seven shades from our Xploders Collection - inspired by candy from Willy Wonka!

This swatch photo was taken by @angeschka on Instagram and was our #2 most liked post of 2019. 



If you follow our social platforms, you know that we love finger dip swatch photos!

@kellienicole86 on Instragram captured the Galaxy Dust Collection singles beautifully here. 

This ranked #3 post of 2019!

Featuring Asteria, Skyla, Messier and Celesta.

At #4 most liked post of 2019, we have more finger dips which were created for our annual #DevinahHollyJollyTrio photo challenge.

Created my makeup enthusiast @jnicole1119 featuring Yumlicks from Sugar Drops and Cygnus and Messier from Galaxy Dust.


If this color story of swatches does not scream Fall Season vibes, well then we don't know what we are doing with our lives!

Coming in at #5 of our most liked post of 2019, this color story was created by of Instagram. Would you rock this color story?

Indie Brands stormed 2019 with multichromes. Ours happened to be the most affordable, with less of a black base making these a more "wearable work attire" eye product.

Emma who runs @colourpopcult on Instagram created this gorgeous arm swatch of our Butterfly Kaleidoscope bundle. Rocking the #6 spot of most liked post of 2019.


Cheers to 2020

We are so excited for 2020 - a new year, a new decade! As 2019 came to an end, we couldnt thank each and every one of you enough - who take the time to engage with us on our social platforms. Like our posts. Follow our social feeds. Send us lovely emails. You are appreciated and we are so grateful to have you as a Devinah supporter! 

May this year be the best for you, with all our love - xoxo

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