Multi-chrome Eyeshadow Madness!

Multi-chrome Eyeshadow Madness!

Shadow shifters gone wild!

We are confident you have seen all the hype that has gone viral for the insanely shifty eye shadow pigments on Instagram. From blue to teal to pink, red to orange to copper - they are everything an eyeshadow lover could ask for!

Less intimidating, more affordable.

If you do not follow our social platforms; Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram, then you may have missed out on our brand spanking new multi-chrome pressed eyeshadows! But have no fear, we have got some swatch photos just for you!

Before you see the swatches, we just HAVE to tell you that we have brought in to our shop a non black based, work wearable multichrome. Are they as insanely crazy shifty as the higher priced products? No! Which makes us feel good knowing that if you want more wearble shifty chrome shadows, then we got you covered!

Non black based means that our multichromes are not as intensely shifty, still GORG af though!! These swatches were made by @angelamarytanner who does killer swatches and writes up amazing blog posts on

And now for the swatches....

Multi-chrome eyeshadow multichrome eye shadow

Multi-chrome eyeshadow multichrome eye shadow

Multi-chrome eyeshadow multichrome eye shadow

Dazzling and Colorful

Here at Devinah, we are beyond excited that although these five new shadows may not be as intense in the color morph, they are affordable and work wearable for the everyday makeup lover who wants to add pizzazz to an office look without catching the boss' attention!

You can get the set as a bundle called the Multichrome Madness Collection or you can pick up the singles Thalassic, Pavonine, Emacity, Gallus and Nacarat.

Tell us below what colors you have picked up or which you are most excited for!

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