Living Coral Pantone Color of 2019

Living Coral Pantone Color of 2019

Living Coral Pantone Color Of 2019 16-1546

So we have the new color that is going to steal the hearts of many! This photo taken from Pantone is just the cutest of cutesies! And that color... my gosh that color! Summer dreams, spring florals, and winter wonders - this color is just perfect for year round makeup routines.

Living Coral... 
Described from as "An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge".

Now isn't this color gorgeous? The pinkish peachy red and that soft gold hue is just driving us crazy here in the studio. A good crazy! A wonderfully awesome crazy because as we look at our magnetic wall of our complete product line - we spot six.... yes, you read that right - S. I. X. shades that fit this description from Pantone -and each with a twist!!

These are from our 36mm product line. Some are highlighters, some are from the Bad Girls Set and Meet Me At The Beach Set. These all have that same vibe that Pantone has deemed our 2019 color of the year!

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, keep your eyes peeled for swatch video and photos coming soon. We are also thinking of putting a bundle set together for these shades - they really are gorgeous!

Curious as to what shades they are? Well here's a few of the names:

We have seen the beauty community go nuts over this color, and we do not blame! It really is a gorgeous color and is so different than 2018 Ultra Violet shade! Wouldn't you agree?

Do you own any of these? If not, which ones are you going to grab for 2019? We'd also like to know if you would love having these as a bundle set!


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  • Lisa Coates

    I have just discovered your eyeshadows and am in love with them. You can truly see how much love you put into your products. They are so pigmented a little goes a long way. I would love to see you come out with some cream eye shadows in shimmers and mattes .

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