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How To Use A Bronzer

Get Beautifully Bronzed

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What is the purpose of adding a bronzer to your makeup routine? It's simple. Add warmth to your skin tone, creating a healthy dimension to your face structure.

Choosing A Bronzer Powder

A quick and easy trick for bronzing is to pick a shade that is 1 - 2 colors darker than your skin tone. Find your foundation color match in our shop which gives suggestions based off of MAC Cosmetic Foundations. We have a total of seven bronzers to choose from for light/fair skin to deep skin tones.

Brush On The Bronzer

Do you have a fluffy brush? These are the most common and can apply a beautiful bronzed look to the face. Avoid dipping the brush flat into the bronze poser. Doing so can apply a saturated amount of powder to a concentrated area making blending a complete disaster. Instead, just roll the sides of the brush over the powder to give a more natural flush of bronzed dimension to the face.

Sun Kissed Features

Try something new. Bronze your face as a last step in your makeup application. This means, go ahead and use your setting powder to set the makeup you have already applied. This step will enhance the dimension of your features as setting powder may alter the skin color. Tie in the warmth by dusting bronzer to the jawline, cheeks and the perimeter of the face. So go for it, get Sun Kissed with Devinah Bronzers!

For light/fair skin tones:

For medium/olive skin tones:

For deep skin tones:

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