Green matte eyeshadow

Go Green... with mattes!

Green, Mint, Lime - we've got you covered!

March was the month of greens and we had the perfect bundle of greens! Calling all green eyeshadow lovers - this one's for you. We created nine different shades of green matte eyeshadows to fill the gaps in your collection!

Matte green eye shadow, green eyeshadow

Kiss Me Clover Bundle

If you follow us on Instagram, then you may have engaged on our sneak swatch posts where we asked for your name suggestions on the shades. That's right! Each shade was hand picked from our followers suggestions for name ideas. Everyone had a great time, we felt so connected with everyone who participated!

The inspiration behind the greens was to give you, our shoppers, just what you've been asking for! It was time for us to expand our core line of greens as well. Unique and one of a kind, we are pretty confident we nailed it with this group of eyeshadows. 

Find the bundle HERE

If you have the bundle - leave us a comment below about favorite looks you like to create!

Or - tell us which shade is going in your bag on your next order!

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