Get To Know Monica, aka @MJones5018

Get To Know Monica, aka @MJones5018

Meet the MUE!

We are happy to feature a makeup enthusiast, customer and supporter of Devinah. Meet Monica, also known as @mjones5018 on our favorite social platform Instagram! Monica has a great eye for color with a unique technique all of its own.

We sent over some fun questions that are "outside the box" to get a well rounded interview of a fellow lover of makeup. Let's get to know some fun facts about her!

What was your VERY first makeup product?

So i was never really into makeup much before about 3 years ago. I remember being in middle school and everyone used the green cover girl powder compact and cover girl foundation- and lipsmackers. When it comes to my recent love of makeup- it started with an ipsy bag.

purple and green eyeshadow eye makeup

How would your 9th grade teacher describe you?

In 9th grade i “found my style” i guess you would say. i met a boy who liked punk and metal so of course, i liked punk and metal. i started dying my hair purple and wearing band t shirts- but i was always a great student. so most of my teachers would say i was a confused kid finding my place. but my PE teacher would say “who’s that” because i tended to skip PE class. a lot. haha.

What color eyeshadow have you NOT worn in public?

brown? gold? as most people know, i’m not a fan of neutrals. but i’m also not a huge gold person either. truth be told, i don’t use makeup as part of “getting ready”, so most of the time i have no eyeshadow on in public, or i only have one eye all glammed up. i’m sure it’s weird.

Favorite music band, singer or song of your teen years? What year?

in 1999/2000 it was Slipknot. i saw them on their first tour. 
2001-2003 i was very much into Sublime. i would have a sublime tattoo right now if -6 year olds could get them. thank god they couldn’t. i also loved Mindless Self Indulgence, 311, i went through a weird ICP phase, high school ended (2003) with loving bands like The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Swift, Incubus, Senses Fail, Glassjaw, Authority Zero and AFI.

beautiful electric lime green smokey eye look

Which celebrity do you crush on for their makeup style?

I’m not a big follower of celebrities, but in terms of influencers, i really love alexa (@gandalf_sandwich) Betty Jean (@beautbean) those are 2 “influencers” that i would be okay with wearing their eyeshadow looks every single day.

Do you prefer paper books or kindles (e-readers)?

paper 100%. the smell and the feel.... paper all the way!

What makeup product did you secretly snag from your mom's collection without her knowing? (If not your mom, then who?)

my mom never wore too much makeup, especially once she had my brother and sister. but i do remember using some Avon blush/lipstick cream stick once of hers.

iridescent blue pink mauve eyeshadow look 

What is your dream car?

a 2004-2008 Subaru WRX. i actually had a 2006 Impreza, well i’ve had 2. one was totaled, the other driven to exhaustion. 

What do you love most about Devinah?

Honestly just the support for makeup lovers and customers and creators. It always feels nice when a brand puts you on their stories or features your photo on their feed. I think Devinah does a great job of making everyone feel supported and loved no matter their follower count. I love the uniqueness of the shadows, while still being what’s trendy and sought after. The price point is awesome too. I think they have their formulas on point and how they interact and support customers on point too. i’m glad to be even a small part of the community!

pink berry eyeshadow

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  • Christina Adams

    I love Monica and to see you all showcase her is amazing. This company is exceptionally great. Amazing products. I always smile when you like a photo or comment. It makes me so happy with the acknowledgment. I know its makeup but I work hard for my money, I only spend money on myself with makeup. Everything else I give to my children so when I find a company that appreciates me as a customer… top that with probably the best formula out there with some great deals… it’s awesome. I’m super ecstatic to finally have the store back. Go Monica! She is truly an inspiration. She is freaking so talented and wish such big things for her. Whatever it is she wants… she deserves. The nicest woman and I always say how obsessed with her eyeballs I am… it’s funny that I can find her eyeball out of others.

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