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Get to know @lovely_and_lime

Meet The MUE!

If you are dabbling into color and want a inspiration for a wearable look, this is the account that you can scroll through for ideas! Joanna, known on Instagram as @lovely_and_lime creates beautiful eye looks both bright and vivid, bold and sultry!

We really enjoy seeing her content on Instagram, and look forward to all of her creative, colorful, wearable eye looks! Joanna also showcases how to wear color with hooded eye lids which is a plus for those of us who may struggle with it.

What was your VERY first makeup product?

As far as I remember it was a cobalt blue mascara that I bought spontaneously when I was 13 years old. The thought of having blue eyelashes was so exciting back then! Actually I still own and love colourful mascaras.

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How would your 9th grade teacher describe you?

A shy mouseburger who always does her homework and doesn´s cause any trouble. Someone whom my teacher might actually not remember after so many years.

Which color of eyeshadow have you NOT worn in public?

I´ve worn all the colours in public. My favourite colour is green, but I don`t avoid other colours.

Favorite music band, singer or song of your teen years? What year?

In the 90s I was obsessed with a family band called The Moffatts. I still listen to their music occasionally. I had a huge crush on one of the members of the band, his name was Dave. My favourite song from them was called Love, it was actually a hidden track on their first cd.

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Which celebrity do you crush on for their makeup style?

I´ve always loved Penelope Cruz rocking smokey eye makeup. And J Lo´s epic glow.

Do you prefer paper books or kindles (e-readers)?

Why do I have to choose? Actually I like both.

When I was a kid, I was a bookworm. I didn´d own any e-readers back then, so I used to always carry a paper book with me. Some of these books were really bulky and heavy. But I loved to always have one with me, just in case I had a spare moment to read it. I had a lot of books at home too and it made me happy to look at them.

When I emigrated to Germany as an adult, I wasn´t able to take all my books with me. I wasn´t reading much anymore at that point of my life anyway. I live in a small apartment that is not able to accomodate too many books, so I own Kindle now. It´s so portable and travel friendly, I just cannot live without it. But it doesn´t mean I don´t like paper books anymore. Books are beautiful, e-readers are compact and practical.

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What makeup product did you secretly snag from your mom's collection without her knowing? (If not your mom, then who?)

I lived in my aunt and grandmother´s house. My aunt had some grey and greyish blue eyeshadows that I was fascinated with. But she knew that I played with them from time to time.

What is your dream car?

Actually I don´t like cars. My biggest dream is to be able to live without a car. If I have to be somewhere, I prefer to go on foot, as long as I have time and the weather is OK, walking 3 or 4 kilometers one way isn´t a big deal for me.

Clumpy eyelashes, guilty?

I hate clumpy eyelashes, unfortunately a lot of mascaras promising volume gives that kind of effect on my fine lashes. Guilty I guess.

What do you love most about Devinah?

I love Devinah, as well as a lot of other indie brands, for not being afraid to make innovative products available in all the colours and finishes I could possibly wish for. And these products are made by a small team of passionate people. My favourite products by Devinah are the Galaxy Shifters and the small selection of mattes I have in my collection.

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  • Christy

    I love your story & the blue mascara really takes me back! The 1980’s (even though you’re probably not old enough to be born, let alone remember) were definitely an explosive decade for wild colors and stepping outside your comfort zone bc you couldn’t resist from trying them ALL! Thanks for sparking that memory for me! Love & light…

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