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Get to know @alexmakeuptalk

Meet the MUE!

This beautiful lady writes some of the BEST content paired with amazing photo's and gives the community some really helpful tips! We were so excited to see that Alessandra was highly requested for an interview with us. 

Find her on Instagram by clicking ➡️ @alexmakeuptalk and get a feel for her amazing content. She has several hashtags that she has created to gather a strong community of fellow makeup enthusiasts who share a passion for color theory.

Now let's get to learn a little more about Alessandra

What was your VERY first makeup product?

I don’t know how many of you will remember this, but circa 1994, Avon used to have these lip compacts in 3 flavors: Strawberry, grape and cherry. They were very cute, and shaped in their respective fruit 🍓 🍇 🍒, with matching fragrance and colors. One half of the compact was a sort of jelly gloss and the other half was lipstick. Total K Beauty vibes if they were around today.


How would your 9th grade teacher describe you?

It would depend on which one of them you asked lol. But I think my Social Studies teacher would say I was quick witted, a talker, a natural comedian of course 😉 and a good student.

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Which color of eyeshadow have you NOT worn in public?

I think the better question is what haven’t I worn 😏 I don’t wait for an occasion and I have no makeup hangups. Everything goes any day, any time, anywhere. Neon eyeshadow with a pressed glitter and green lipstick to work? Why not.

Favorite music band, singer or song of your teen years? What year?

Anything Backstreet Boys and NSync 😍 🎶 Tell me why... ain’t nothing but a heartache 🎶 From 1996 all the way to 2000 those boys were my obsession.

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Which celebrity do you crush on for their makeup style?

No one excites me currently, but does anyone remember the British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor? Murder On The Dancefloor? I crushed hard on her makeup style when she was around ❤️ Google her and Youtube her music, you’ll fall in love with her style. YouTuber Angeschka Nyqvist (@angeschka) reminds me of Sophie now that I think about it.



Do you prefer paper books or kindles (e-readers)?

Actual books. I was never able to get hooked on kindle versions. I prefer holding the real thing and being able to flip through pages and smell the paper.

Finger dip swatch of Charmed and Gelicide purple duochrome pink duochrome eyeshadow

What makeup product did you secretly snag from your mom's collection without her knowing? (If not your mom, then who?)

I can’t recall if I ever did that. But what I do remember doing is trying to emulate her, so I shaved (butchered) my eyebrows and wore her high heels - with wobbly steps of course, Bambi style 😏. I don’t need to tell you that I missed the mark 😂

What is your dream car?

A Bugatti Veyron or Chiron. That’s since you put the thought in my head (I hadn’t thought about it) lol. But I could be just as happy with a Mercedes or a Nissan, no joke.


Clumpy eyelashes, guilty?

That’s my middle name 🙋🏼 🥳

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What do you love most about Devinah?

I can spend a good 10 minutes on this question ha! Ready? 

I think I speak for a lot of makeup enthusiasts on Instagram when I say that Devinah as a brand, makes us feel seen, acknowledged, heard. Indie brands and smaller content creators alike fail to make their followers feel special just by talking to them and interacting. A comment exchange is very powerful. I love your dedication to building these relationships.

My next favorite thing is of course the creativity behind your products. While the newer releases are bomb, to me the matte selection is an internet hidden gem. It’s grungy eyeshadow heaven! 🤤



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  • Christina Adams

    I love this interview! Alessandra is so kind and is such an inspiration. She has amazing content and breaks down makeup in ways I can understand without feeling dumb. Also her swatches and photos… drool worthy! The simple idea of placing a black base down…yes please! And she’s right on the mark what sets Devinah apart from others. A comment and small interaction is powerful!!!

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