Cornucipia Golden Summer Sun Kissed Highlighter Glow

Fall has fallen, but your golden glow doesn't have to!

Can you believe that we just said good-bye to summer 2018? We don't know about you, but each year we get older - time goes by faster! There is just not enough hours in the day, right?! So now, who's ready for pumpkins and gourds, stuffing and cranberries, and Rudolph and Grinch? I mean come on, its the most wonderful time of the year!!!

With summer BBQ's, family picnics, camping trips, lake and beach days officially over - we are here to help you keep that golden glow to your tan this fall. If you are one who does not go out in the sun often or slathers SPF50 on - well we are here to also assist you in getting a golden glow! How? It's simple....

Cornucopia Golden Glow Makeup Highlighter

Fun Fact: Cornucopia was created in October, 2016, and is still a popular highlighter from our current highlight line! There are 3 different colors which marble the most beautiful golden hues. Apply the way you like - from a high shine to a subtle dust of color. Want to go all out? Add this to your inner corners or under brow highlight on fall themed eye looks. You can even pull this off as an eyeshadow! Now hows that for versatile use?

What was your most memorable moment of summer 2018?


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