Dupes That You Will Love!

Dupes That You Will Love!

KVD Lolita Palette vs. Devinah

It must be a pink and mauve thing! At first sight, we saw this palette and just KNEW we had similar shades from our core line. If you have not picked up this gorgeous KVD Lolita palette -YET- or you may have really loved it, but only for a few shades... well our long time supporter @lepocketchange of Instragram did all the swatch work for you to pick your own shadows that are comparable!

For your viewing pleasure, here are the swatch comparisons:

Swatch comparisons of the KVD Lolita Palette vs. Devinah Cosmetics

KVD | Devinah Cosmetics:
Promesa | PROMISE
Besitos | PANDORA
Recuerdos | NEMESIS
Hermosura | SUKI
Lolita | LARAMIE
Corazón | DESMA (Honorable mention: VIRAGO)
Eterno | MANIC

Stop, Drop, And Swatch!

@lepocketchange is hosting a brand new style of YouTube review videos! She says on her Instagram post, “Stop, Drop, and Swatch - a Shop Your Stash inspired series centered around looking into your own collection before gunning for new release!". Sounds like this could be a dream for those of us who LOVE just two or three shades from a palette, right?

We thank @lepocketchange so much for putting together these photo's, taking the time to do swatch by swatch comparisons! Visit her actual swatch post on Instagram as she has detailed color description comparisons. Which shadows from the comparison do you like best? Tell us below!

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  • Kelly

    Love this!! I hope to see this more often…I think I may start going through my collection and adding some posts. Thanks for the inspiration and amazing products devinah cosmetics is my top 3 indie brand!!!

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