Covens Curse

Covens Curse

Witchy Vibes In A Wearable Way!

Spooky season is approaching and we have created some beautiful color stories from our core line of products to inspire you this Fallย ๐Ÿ Here, we start with a matte color story of rich sultry shades, coupled with cool light tones to add just enough magic to your look!

No matter which way you pair these six shades, any look you conjure up will look wickedly gorgeousย ๐Ÿ‘Œย 

Do you own any of matte eyeshadows already? Which shades are you missing to complete this 6 pack color story?

See what others have to say about Covens Curse on our Instagram page โ– HERE โ–

If you pick up these single matte eyeshadows, dont forget to add our 6 pan palette to store your color story in!


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