OSCURA 2021 Exclusive Palette

Regular price $18.00

Collect our first annual exclusive empty palette designed by us, brought to life by an artist!

From our dark, mystical vanity - Alex from @the_enchanted_bruja captured every element we wanted in our design! Our vision was "Vintage Vanity" with a dash of dark haunt. Go back in time - 1692 era - to the witch days of Salem, MA. Or travel down south up the alley and around the corner of the French Quarters in New Orleans. This is the vanity we imagined we would have seen of a spiritual being. 

We also wanted to incorporate a Crescent Moon  - our well known swatch symbol - within our design, embodied in a crystal ball.

This magical palette is different and unique - measuring approximately 7in x 7in with our very own commissioned design. Being an exclusive, we have limited inventory that will not restock once sold out. Oscura is exclusive to the year 2021, with a new design being commissioned for 2022! 

Holds 36 eyeshadow singles in 26mm pans.

*Eyeshadows are not included, this is an empty palette product only. Not code eligible at this time.

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